Peter Graham, Performance Photographer

He is a retired Electrical Engineer.

He began performance photography in Istanbul, Turkey in 2012, with photographs of street performers. He worked regularly there and formed relationships with most of the performers.

He moved to Montreal in August 2014, met a singer at a photographic event and started in performance photography again, mostly with world musicians, again forming lasting relationships and giving away the photos to performers and producers as needed. His first producer relationship was with Club Balattou and Nuits d’Afrique, and his first volunteer activity for them was to photograph a show by Youssou N’Dour at the Olympia Theatre in Montreal in 2015.

Over time, his work has covered performances from small bars and clubs to all of the major venues in Montreal, the major festivals in Montreal and Sherbrooke, and events by other producers such as Vision Diversite, Centre des Musiciens du Monde and RGSC in Montreal and Batuki Music in Toronto. He has also been invited to photograph dance performances in New York. His clientele covers a range from budding artistes to international performers, mainly in West African, North African, Middle Eastern, East European, but also many other musical genres, and his performance list totals over 1600 since 2012, including 1100 in Canada.

His work has been published locally and nationally from time to time, and is used by many performers to publicise their portfolios and performances.